A native of the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine, Kyle Haley specializes in photographing the scenic landscapes around the region using unique perspectives, the latest technology, and providing a first-hand view of some of the most remote terrain in the State of Maine. Kyle's objective in sharing these images with the world is to showcase the beauty of the region and to promote the local area of where he was born, raised and currently resides. He aims to share his adventures exploring the Western Mountains of Maine to give people a greater perspective of the region. Although Kyle recently started his online photography presence in late 2014, he has had a past filled with photographic history.

His knack for photography can be traced back to his grandfather and aunt as they both had a passion for photography. He started taking photos with disposable film cameras from a young age and took photography classes at Rangeley Lakes Region School where he further perfected his hobby. He transitioned to digital cameras as they became more popular in the mid-to late 2000's. In high school, he enrolled in both Graphics and Advanced Graphics courses where he learned more complex concepts of both photography, cinematography, and graphic design. After a brief pause during the first couple of years at college, Kyle picked up his Canon DSLR in 2014 and started shooting again, this time sharing the images more frequently online. One of his images from the Fall of 2014 went viral, the image of the Aurora Borealis "Northern Light's" from the top of Quill Hill that was shared all over New England including the Boston Globe. 

Since Kyle's online photography started to take off, he formed a Facebook page and Website in 2015 for people to keep up on his images from around the region and purchase prints and canvas online for people to bring his scenic images to their homes and offices. As his audience grew, so did his passion in trying to capture more unique and captivating images each time he went out to explore. Some more notable images of his the past couple of years were the "Winter vs. Autumn" image of the snow and foliage, or as he calls it, "Snowliage" on West Kennebago Mountain, which was recognized as DownEast Magazines #1 reader submitted image of 2015. Also his "Moonrise over Saddleback" during the foliage season of 2016 that generated over 200,000 views online. 

In addition to his passion for photography, Kyle works in the Logging and Construction field at M&H Construction in Rangeley, Maine where he operates heavy equipment such as excavators and tractor-trailers building some of the regions premier buildings and infrastructure projects. He is a graduate of Eastern Maine Community College with a degree in Business Management and then went on to enroll at Husson University in Bangor, Maine where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in the Spring of 2017 followed by his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in the December 2018